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Wise has its incomparable and unique advantage of media reader resources that no ordinary financial public relations company can match.

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po Daily News

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po Daily News which began its publication in 1948 is a comprehensiveness newspaper catering for the whole Hong Kong society, as well as a Hong Kong main current newspaper taking social quintessence as reader orientation . At present, about 15 large pieces (60 pages) are published daily in Hong Kong, and delivered and sold to every province , autonomous region and municipality in Chinese Mainland on that very day except its issuance in Hong Kong .

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po Daily News is honored with Chinese news authority. From political and diplomatic affairs to society and life in all kinds of shapes, from the economic field to the front of science and technology, Wen Wei Po Daily News's exclusive visit and in-depth analysis show its pride among the Circles .

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po Daily News is the inevitable choice of media partner of Chinese Mainland government's attracting investments in Hong Kong , and ministries and commissions concerned in central authorities and Chin ese Main land provinces cooperate actively with Hong Kong Wen Wei Po Daily News,bringing forth layouts regularly,transmitting author itative voice,and displaying local flavor.

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po Daily News and Hong Kong chambers of commerce in the industry are loyal cooperation partners. Overall planning on inauguration of chamber of commerce, holding grand industrial and commercial meeting, and irregularly organizing chamber of commerce to visit Chinese Mainland are important bridges for Hong Kong industrial and commercial circles to contact Chinese Mainland officials and enterprisers.

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po Daily News not only keeps on good terms with Chinese Mainland government, but also becomes a cooperation partner of Hong Kong and Macao SAR governments; it cooperates with SAR government to organize many large-scale activities such as World Congress of Accountants as well as Macao Travel.

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po Daily News leans on the motherland, locates in Hong Kong, and faces the world. Except the Hong Kong version, it daily issues European aeronautic version, American version, Southeast Asia version, Thailand version, Philippine version, Myanmar version, Malaysia version, Canadian version (weekly) and so on. Wen Wei Po Daily News overseas version now has a daily circulation of 400,000 copies, with readers throughout five continents, and it is striving to develop into a Chinese newspaper which covers the Chinese community in the world with substantial influence and credibility.

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po Daily News is designated by Hong Kong SAR government as an effective publication publishing legal advertisements and is authorized by the Chinese government to be issued in Chinese Mainland; at the same time, it is the mainly chosen medium for statutory information disclosure of listed companies, and an ideal propaganda and cooperation carrier of financial public relations.

Wen Wei Website

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po Daily News of electronic version came out in February 1997 as the earliest network news medium . At present, in addition to Wen Wei Po daily news contents that turn on internet in time, there are also more than 200 prompt news broadcasted in rolling form, and readers all over the world can get access to the i nternet free of charge to be the earliest to read the news reports and advertisements in Hong Kong Wen Wei Po Daily News. Its website is : www.wenweipo.com .

Wen Wei Website is informative, accurate and timely, attached great importance to by a large number of websites , many of which have used it including Hong Kong government. Wen Wei Website has a daily click rate of over 500,000 times, the highest over one million. It is popular among online readers around the world distributed in more than 100 countries and regions. According to statistics, the first ten countries and regions are: Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong SAR, Australia, the United States, Canada, Taiwan, Singapore, the United Kingdom, South Korea, and Macao SAR. In an American statistical ranking of global Chinese media networks, Wen Wei Website always ranks the head of the first three and has ever won the first place for a time.

Wen Wei Blossom

Honored with “the Most Hoped For” magazine, Wen Wei Blossom lives up to the reputation, shocking and coloring Chinese Mainland . It is popular among the large and medium cities with the publication , pursued by crowds of readers and praised as “the Portal Website to Plane Media Circles.” It publicizes a positive and optimistic spirit “Favoring Leisure”---- envisaging the lust of modern civilization,pursuing the pleasure and enjoyment as a human being, and adhering to humor and fun. Photos in it are exquisite and rarely seen , words funny and unique. It acts in an unusual way, and choose the matters that most people are not willing to expose. Its slogan is distinctive: exploring experiences, aesthetic pleasure, and group of favor ing leisure!

Shanghai Blossom

Shanghai Blossom presents the city's top living conditions, advocates a happy and healthy life style and provides d ynamic an d perceptual information on life.

Shanghai Blossom has become th e high-quality Chinese magazine delivered free of charge and well spoken of in Shanghai . Its main readers are management elites from both home and abroad residing in Shanghai for a long time, as well as the middle and high-leveled consumers in which white-collar workers is the predominant. It is a consumer magazine serving elites and published mainly in such places as star red hotel in Shanghai,high-class offices, restaurants, bars, cafes, golf course and airports , with a circulation of 80,000 copies.

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