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Aim of Wise

  • To excavat e enterprise' s core value
  • To set up the fine image of enterprise
  • To establish an investor relation network
  • To realize the maximization of enterprise value and investors' return

Investor Relation Management of Wise

  • Information disclosure is the basis
  • Honest communication is the principle
  • Strategic credit is the core

Public Relation Approaches with Wise Characteristics

  • Offer ing an integrated and comprehensive solution
  • Working out the propaganda strategy and objective on the basis of research
  • Laying emphasis on crisis precaution and treatment

Public Relation Strategies of Wise

  • Directly cooperating with customers' decision management level as well as other agencies
  • Propaganda objectives and strategy keeping in close integration with enterprise business targets, and resulting in interaction
  • Professional collection / analysis / integration of market information
  • Making a decision and carrying out the action plan
  • Regularly evaluating and comparing with former predetermined criteria


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