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About Wise

Wise Public-Relations Consultants Ltd is a subsidiary company of Hong Kong Wen Wei Po Daily News.

Wise Public-Relations Consultants Ltd. provides public-relations and consultants services such as all-round operation plan of capital market, image orientation of capital market, maintenance of investor relations, the multi-media propaganda plan & crisis treatment, and fund issue as well as company image optimization for domestic and foreign listed or to-be-listed enterprises. It is a financial company which takes investors' relations management as the core, with specialized and international financial public-relations designing and executing abilities.

Wise Public-Relations Consultants Ltd integrated the financial forces from more than 30 representative institutions all over China as well as numerous oversea. institutions of Hong Kong Wen Wei Po Daily News. After over ten years of accumulations, it has built up extensive business networks with securities agencies and investment groups such as relevant government departments, stock exchanges, securities firms, fund companies, risk investment institutions, financial and economic media, warrantors, accountant (auditor)'s offices and lawyer's offices in Chinese Mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong, USA, Japan, Europe and some countries and districts like these.


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